Terms of Service

Terms of Service

A2B PureClean takes great pride in the work we do and is dedicated to providing exceptional cleaning services to our valued customers.

However, to maintain our high standards of quality, there are certain limitations that we must adhere to. It is important that you carefully read and understand the following terms of service before using our services:

  1. We retain the right to cancel any service at any time, for any reason.
  2. While we take utmost care and caution when cleaning, we cannot assume liability for the health and safety of your pets. As a pet owner, you are in the best position to ensure the well-being and safety of your furry companions.

At A2B PureClean, our cleaning professionals exercise reasonable care while performing their duties. We have insurance coverage for damages or breakages caused by our staff. However, we are not responsible for damages resulting from “normal wear and tear,” improper installation of items, or any artwork, collectibles, or family heirlooms valued over $200 that were not disclosed during the appointment scheduling process. If you notice any damage or suspected damage after our cleaning professionals have left, it is essential that you inform us in writing, along with attached colored pictures, within 24 hours of the service’s completion. Please send pictures and details to support@rocketserverus.com, specifying the problem that may have occurred at your address during the scheduled cleaning. The following examples illustrate some items that fall under this category:

    • Carpet and Rug Snags: Snags or fraying of carpets or rugs can occur due to normal wear and tear or when moving furniture. Our professional vacuums are set to industry standards and cannot be adjusted. We will make every effort to avoid problematic areas during the cleaning process to minimize snags or fraying.
    • Broken Blinds: Cleaning blinds carries inherent risks. Over time, blinds become brittle due to daily exposure to the sun and aging, and the strings or cords may weaken and break.
    • Old or Improperly Placed Faucets and Knobs.
    • Improperly Hung Pictures, Decorations, or Mirrors: If these items are securely and properly attached to the wall, they should not fall when dusted or wiped.
    • Artwork, Collectibles, or Family Heirlooms Valued over $200: Given the high value or irreplaceable nature of such items, we do not assume the risk of cleaning them. It is your responsibility to provide written notification of any items falling into this category.
    • Woodwork, Vintage/Antique Wood Furniture, Unfinished Furniture, and Special Flooring: If your woodwork, wooden furniture, vintage wooden furniture, or flooring requires special care or is made of materials other than actual wood, please inform us during the booking process. Additionally, if you prefer to supply your own cleaning products for specific items such as furniture, leather furniture, pianos, etc., please notify us via email or mail and specify the preferred products you will provide.
  1. In the event of damages caused by our staff, we reserve the sole right to: a) Request proof of the item’s value. b) Approve or decline the selected service provider and/or exclusively select the service provider, as well as approve all work orders before work commences. c) Purchase an equitable replacement item and/or approve the purchase of an equitable replacement item. d) Allow 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) from the date of the damage for A2B PureClean to locate an approved service provider or replacement item. e) Prohibit you, the customer, from arbitrarily ordering, approving, or compensating a service provider for purchasing a replacement item without our prior written approval, as we must ensure the restoration of the damage. f) Reimburse or compensate you for fees and costs incurred with our prior approval only.
  1. If you made a booking over the phone, these terms are incorporated into your use of our services.
    • By using A2B PureClean’s services, you consent to the recording of all calls made to and from A2B PureClean and/or our affiliates. These recordings serve the following purposes: a) ensuring quality assurance, b) defending against public reviews by sharing a link to portions or all of the call, and c) combating any chargeback claims you may file with your bank or credit card issuer.
    • To provide our cleaning services effectively, we require access to electricity and water at your premises. If, upon our arrival, your utilities are turned off, we will be unable to clean your home, and a non-refundable travel fee of $100 will be charged.
    • Our cleaning professionals do not carry ladders. However, we have extendable cobweb brushes that are suitable for reaching most first-floor windows, ceiling fans, and upper shelves. Please note that we do not climb higher than a 2-step ladder, which you must provide, due to liability reasons.
    • To ensure liability and safety, we do not offer the service of moving heavy appliances and furniture. However, we will clean around and underneath them to the extent that is reachable. Heavy appliances and furniture are defined as items weighing 20 lbs. or more.
  1. If the condition of the home is significantly compromised, such as broken glass, excessive clutter, trash on the floor, soap scum, mold in the bathroom, or heavy grease stains in the kitchen and on the stove backsplash, and/or if it resembles a hoarder’s living space, we can still strive to bring it to a livable and habitable standard. However, it is important to note that the final outcome may not be comparable to the level of cleanliness we achieve in a standard home. Prior to commencing the job or upon our arrival at the location, we will have a thorough discussion regarding this matter. It is highly recommended that the homeowner remains accessible either in person or over the phone during the scheduled cleaning appointment. The homeowner’s presence or availability is necessary for a discussion with the cleaners or A2B PureClean’s management in case any issues arise. By choosing our services, you grant permission to A2B PureClean to capture photographs of your home before and after the cleaning process for potential internal sharing and strategizing, as well as for future liability claims.
  2. We regret to inform you that we are unable to clean areas with animal feces and urine under any circumstances. If you insist on our cleaning staff leaving without addressing this issue, a $100 travel fee will be charged. We appreciate your understanding regarding this policy, as it is in place to ensure the health and safety of our cleaning professionals.
  3. By engaging the services of A2B PureClean , you agree not to solicit or hire any staff member introduced to you by A2B PureClean   for any home-related services. We invest significant time and resources in finding, interviewing, checking references and backgrounds, and training our cleaning specialists. Once they are hired, they enter into an agreement that prohibits them from performing any home-related services for our current and past customers. However, if you have a specific request to employ a staff member directly, we kindly ask you to discuss this matter with our corporate staff. Please note that if we determine that you have solicited one of our staff members, we reserve the right to charge a referral/training fee of $7,500 per hired employee, which we will seek to recover through legal action in a court of law or venue of our choosing, without regard to conflict of law provisions. We consider our employees to be our most valuable asset, and we have appropriate measures in place to protect their interests.
  4. By using the cleaning services provided by A2B PureClean , you agree to defend, indemnify, and hold A2B PureClean   and its subsidiaries, agents, licensors, managers, and other affiliated companies, as well as their employees, owners, contractors, agents, officers, and directors, harmless from any and all claims, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities, costs, or debts, including attorney’s fees, arising from: (i) your utilization of any cleaning services provided by A2B PureClean  ; (ii) any alleged or actual loss or damage to property, including your residence, resulting from the provision of A2B PureClean’s cleaning services.
  5. It is understood that payment for completed recurring cleaning services is due on the date of service. If payment is not received by that date, you agree to pay a late payment fee of $25. An additional fee of $25 will be charged if the payment remains outstanding for more than five days. The late payment fee may be automatically charged to your payment method on file once it is updated, without prior notification. Furthermore, you agree to cover all collection and legal fees and costs incurred by A2B PureClean in recovering any outstanding amounts owed by you.
  6. When booking a cleaning service, it is important to provide accurate information about the size of your home, including the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and/or square footage. We will verify the size of your home using public sources and conduct an onsite inspection upon arrival. If the home size booked for service does not match the actual size, we reserve the right to update the information and adjust the charge on your payment method accordingly, without prior notice.
  7. Partial cleanings or exclusions of specific rooms or parts of your home are not eligible for discounts. If your home is in an active or post-construction state, you will be billed at the prevailing hourly rate, with a minimum of eight hours.
  8. We verify the size of your home through online public sources and onsite inspections conducted by our cleaning specialists. You must select the package that corresponds to your home’s actual square footage. If the appropriate square footage is not selected and it is discovered that your home is smaller or larger, we reserve the right to bill the correct rate for your home size to the card on file in order to complete the cleaning.
  9. Please accurately represent the state of your home when booking a cleaning service. Standard cleanings are intended for homes that are regularly maintained by professional cleaners, as described on our services page. If your home has not received professional cleaning within the last two weeks, please book a Deep Clean for your initial service. We may request proof of professional cleaning within the last two weeks in the form of an invoice from a licensed service provider. In our sole discretion, we may still clean your home; however, failure to book a cleaning based on the true status of your home, whether intentional or unintentional, will void our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  10. Hoarder homes are not within the scope of our cleaning services. A2B PureClean reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to determine whether the status of your home qualifies it as a hoarder home or if a pricing upgrade is required to complete the service. If a pricing upgrade is deemed necessary, we will inform you of the additional cost or decline to clean your home. It is highly recommended that the homeowner remains accessible either in person or over the phone during the scheduled cleaning appointment. The homeowner’s presence or availability is necessary for a discussion with the cleaners or A2B PureClean’s management in case any issues arise.
  11. You have the option to “Sign In” to your account to edit your booking. It is important to note that any misrepresentation of the size, status, or true condition of your home on the date of service will void our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  12. If you fail to disclose that your home has recently undergone construction, your cleaning service will be converted to the prevailing price for hourly or per square footage, without prior notice. Post-construction homes require additional work to ensure cleanliness.
  13. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee does not apply to homes that are in active construction. Due to the nature of construction dust settling after our service, we cannot be held responsible. If it is determined that your home size and/or status was entered incorrectly and/or it is in an “active“ or “post-construction“ status, the card on file will be charged the price difference.
  14. Please refrain from requesting additional cleaning of sections of your home that were not included in your booking confirmation email, such as a finished basement, inside fridge, inside windows, etc. Any additional services AUTHORIZED by A2B PureClean management, that are rendered will be invoiced and billed accordingly.
  15. The size of your cleaning team, in terms of the number of specialists, is determined solely by our staff based on your home size and cleaning specialist availability, except in the case of hourly cleanings.
  16. Please note that no cash or credit/debit refunds are given unless it is within the sole discretion of our management staff.
  17. We will address any areas of concern by re-cleaning them if you email suppport@a2bpureclean within 24 hours of the completion of the cleaning. Requests made outside of this 24-hour period will only be honored at the discretion of our management staff.
  18. 26. The full price of your cleaning will be billed to your card on a) the day of the cleaning, b) once the cleaning specialists have arrived, even if you decline to proceed with the service for any reason, or c) if we are unable to enter your home for any reason. In the case of lockouts where the cleaning specialists are unable to access your home for cleaning, a $100 travel fee will be charged to the card on file for the cleaning specialists to return
  19. Cleaning specialists will wait a maximum of 20 minutes after the start time of your appointment. If you exceed the 20-minute grace period, the cleaning specialists will leave, and the full price of the cleaning will be charged. In such cases, you may be subject to a $50 travel fee to have the cleaning specialists return (Same day if cleaning came be scheduled) for cleaning. The start time is defined as the beginning of your arrival period. For example, if your appointment time is from 10-12 PM, 10 AM is considered the start time of your appointment. We may offer to reschedule your appointment time for later in the day, but if you refuse, the full amount of your cleaning will be invoiced and charged accordingly.
  20. No credit or refund will be issued if the cleaning team arrives past the scheduled cleaning start time.
  21. No credit will be given if we need to reschedule or delay the cleaning start time due to unforeseen delays.
  22. Laundry service is not provided with any of our cleaning packages. Therefore, any requests for laundry will be declined, and no refund will be given for declining to perform laundry duties.
  23. Wall washing is not offered as a service due to the risk of potential damage to the walls and/or paint. Please do not request that your cleaning professional wash any walls in your home. No refund will be given for declining to wash your walls.
  24. Basements (finished or unfinished) and attics require an additional charge and are not included in the regular price of the service. We do not offer any services for partial finished basements or unfinished basements. We do not offer any services for partial finished attics or unfinished attics.
  25. To take advantage of our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you must email suppport@a2bpureclean within 24 hours of the completion of your cleaning, providing details of the missed or unsatisfactory areas along with clear images of the missed areas. Requests for a refund in lieu of a re-clean will not be accepted.
  26. It is required for you to complete a walk-through with your cleaning specialist at the end of your cleaning. Failure to do so and not voice concerns during the walk-through will void our 100% satisfaction guarantee, and no re-clean request will be honored.
  27. If you refused a re-cleaning within 24 hours of the conclusion of your appointment, or you did not complete a walk-through with the cleaners before their departure, or fail to email suppport@a2bpureclean within 24 hours of the conclusion of your appointment, we will not return to address areas of concern. The matter will be considered closed, and no refund will be given.
  28. Any extras not selected or listed in the email and confirmation email will not be completed without prior payment of the additional charge. An on-site inspection will be conducted to verify the home size (number of bedrooms and bathrooms).
  29. The service address must have running water, electricity, and operating air conditioning or heating for the cleaning specialists to complete the cleaning. If the service address does not meet these requirements, your appointment will be cancelled, and a $100 travel fee will apply.
  30. Carpet shampooing will not restore treated areas to a new condition. Shampooing is designed to remove dirt and sanitize the carpet. Not all spots or stains treated by the machine will necessarily come out. If the carpet has not been shampooed or treated in more than two months, we do not recommend carpet service. No refund will be given for the carpet shampoo service.
  31. In the case of a discounted pricing agreement for “Recurring Services”, please note that the discount is based on the customer’s commitment to consistent service. If the cleaning team arrives, and the service cannot be performed due to cancellation, the full price of the current service that was scheduled, will be charged to your card at that time.
  32. While we strive to be on time, please allow us a 120-minute arrival window (unless advised otherwise) to account for traffic, parking, and other unexpected delays. This means that your team will arrive within that hour of the selected time. For example, if you choose a 10 am-12 pm cleaning window, the team may arrive around 10:15 am or 11:45 am.
  33. To avoid incurring a $100 cancellation fee and/or the full value of your cleaning, please make any schedule changes at least 48 hours before your service start time. Please note A 20% non-refundable deposit will be charged immediately to lock in your appointment. Your deposit will be deducted from your total balance which will be charged automatically to your card on file after the job is completed.

Cancellations within 24-48 hours of your appointment or cancellations on the day of your appointment will result in a $100 cancellation fee. . Please note A 20% non-refundable deposit will be charged immediately to lock in your appointment. Your deposit will be deducted from your total balance which will be charged automatically to your card on file after the job is completed.

Cancellations within 24 hours or less, of your appointment or cancellations on the day of your appointment will result in the full charge of your scheduled cleaning.

  1. By subscribing to a recurring cleaning service, you agree to accept the initial discount on the condition that you will complete at least two consecutive (back-to-back) recurring cleanings immediately after your first appointment. If your subscription is canceled or rescheduled before your second recurring service, you will waive your right to the associated discount.
  2. Credit Card Authorization: Upon adding a new payment method or each home service request, A2B PureClean may seek authorization of your selected payment method to verify it, ensure that the home service cost will be covered, and protect against unauthorized behavior. This authorization is not a charge, but it may temporarily reduce your available credit until your bank’s next processing cycle. If the authorization amount exceeds the total funds in your account, you may be subject to overdraft or insufficient funds charges from your bank. A2B PureClean cannot be held responsible for these charges and cannot assist you in recovering them from your bank. If you cancel your service at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled service date, this hold will be released within 3-7 business days.
  3. Please be considerate of your cleaning specialist time. Any area that has been cleaned will not be re-cleaned if it is re-soiled by the client, other members of the household, or guests. For example, if you take a shower after the bathroom has been cleaned and request a re-clean of the bathroom, it will not be provided.
  4. A2B PureClean is not responsible for any keys left in their possession that are lost. As a policy, all recurring clients are offered the opportunity to request and receive a free lockbox for use on service days. If you choose not to take advantage of this program and provide a key instead, you agree that A2B PureClean has zero liability for any lost, missing, damaged, or stolen keys.
  5. By becoming a client, you agree to receive communications from A2B PureClean, including emails, text messages, calls, and push notifications. You acknowledge that these communications may be generated by automatic telephone dialing systems and may include operational communications, updates, promotions, and industry news. Standard text messaging charges applied by your cell phone carrier will apply to text messages sent by A2B PureClean. If you wish to opt out of promotional emails, you can unsubscribe from the promotional email list using the unsubscribe options in the email itself. To opt out of promotional calls or texts, you can email suppport@a2bpureclean. However, opting out of all texts may impact your use of the A2B PureClean website and services.
  6. Any claim relating to A2B PureClean shall be governed by the laws of the State of New Jersey, County of Essex, city of Roseland, without regard to its conflict of law provisions.
  7. Additional terms of service are included in your booking received and booking confirmed emails that are sent to you at the time of booking your first appointment. These additional terms are incorporated into this terms of service agreement.
  8. A2B PureClean does not warrant, endorse, guarantee, or assume responsibility for the cleaning services, including the cleaning services performed by A2B PureClean’s representatives, or any losses or damages that may result from them. The service, including the cleanings, is provided to you on an “as is” and “as available” basis. Use of the service is at your own risk. The service is provided without warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, workmanlike quality, or non-infringement. A2B PureClean, its subsidiaries, and its licensors do not warrant that the service is accurate, reliable, or correct; that the service will meet your requirements; or that the service will be available at any particular time or location, uninterrupted, or secure.
  9. Due to the variable nature of viruses, the uncertainty of the underlying science, and the lack of available research about the efficacy of cleaning technology, A2B PureClean makes no representations or warranties except as expressly set forth on their website.

The customer is purchasing a process and not a specific result. While the process is reasonably believed to be effective based on presently available information, it is acknowledged that the work areas can become contaminated again after being reoccupied, posing a life and safety hazard beyond A2B PureClean’s control. A2B PureClean cannot warrant or represent that every virus or microorganism will be removed, eradicated, or rendered non-viable.

Complete removal of microorganisms is not realistic and is outside the scope of the work. A2B PureClean is not liable for microorganisms found in the property after a human has entered the work area following the completion of the work. The customer accepts and assumes the risk that the disease will spread, even in ideal conditions. It is understood and acknowledged that there are inherent limitations to the work, and currently, there are no established methods to affordably confirm the eradication of the virus from a building. COVID-19 is widespread in the environment and cannot yet be eradicated.

The customer agrees to regularly check for updates from the CDC regarding the spread of the disease and proper control measures and to take all appropriate actions to protect occupants, including property closure, as dictated by the latest guidance from local, state, and federal authorities.

  1. A2B PureClean is dedicated to providing a healthy, comfortable, and productive work environment for our employees.Smoke-filled workplaces result in higher worker absenteeism due to respiratory disease, lower productivity, higher cleaning and maintenance costs, increased health insurance rates, and increased liability claims for diseases related to exposure to second and third hand smoke.

Cigarette smoke is difficult to remove once it settles. If someone in your household smokes indoors, our cleaning specialists will not be able to effectively clean away the smoke odor. Similarly, they can’t promise that a long-standing odor coming from a questionable source will be gone after they do surface cleaning. Often in cases, the only real effective way to remove tobacco residue and smell is to utilize a smoke restoration specialist.

We would be happy to make a recommendation, if requested.


In light of these findings, A2B PureClean has implemented a strict anti-smoking workplace policy and therefore reserves the right to refuse service to any household where indoor smoke or damage is visible and air quality has been compromised. We are adamant about providing an amazing experience for each customer, but equally providing the safest working conditions for our cleaning specialist.

Visit www.no-smoke.org for more information on smokefree environments.

  1. For every task we handle, we capture ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures, which are added to your personal account. By choosing our services, you’re giving us permission to photograph the areas we clean. These images primarily guide our training and showcase our high-quality service in marketing materials. Rest assured, we respect your privacy—no personal details or individuals are ever shown in these images. Through these photos, we aim to give our customers a clear view of the dedication and excellence we bring to every job.
  1. Cancellations, Rescheduling, and Charges

– You will be charged a 20% non-refundable deposit to reserve your appointment. We will turn away any other clients requesting your spot. Your deposit will be deducted from your total balance which will be charged automatically to your card on file after the job is completed. We do not provide any refunds, but we do guarantee our service. If there is anything missed on your checklist, please give us a call ASAP and we will come back to make it right free of charge!

– We don’t issue refunds since our skilled technicians deserve payment for their efforts.

– Your satisfaction matters. If our work doesn’t meet your standards, we’ll return to address the issue. (Refer to our Guarantee)

– Cancel up to 48 hours prior without any additional fees other than the mandatory cancellation fee of 20%.

– Cancellations made within 24 to 48 hours of your scheduled service, will incur an additional $65.

– Cancellations less than 24 hours of your scheduled service, result in a full non-refundable charge.

– If our team can’t access your home upon arrival, we’ll reach out and wait 15 minutes. If access remains an issue, a full non-refundable charge applies.

  1. Services We Don’t Offer include but not limited to laundry, de-cluttering or organization, cigarette smoke elimination, handling biohazardous substances, pet mess cleanup, exterior house cleaning, specialized carpet treatment, hardwood treatments beyond mopping, cleaning spots higher than our safe reach (approxiamately 10 feet).
  1. Before our team arrives, kindly tidy up to ensure we can efficiently clean all surfaces like floors, countertops, etc.
  1. This is not including the mandatory 20% non-refundable deposit which will be charged at the time of the booking. A pre-authorization hold is placed on your card 3 days before cleaning, appearing as PENDING on your statement. The remaining balance for the service requested will be charged after the service has been completed.