Disinfecting Service

Disinfecting Service Essentials

A disinfecting service refers to a professional cleaning service that specializes in eliminating germs, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful pathogens from various surfaces and environments.


Disinfecting Service

Our Sanitization Service Involves a Dual-Phase Approach

Initially, our expertly trained cleaning specialists perform an exhaustive cleaning of all surfaces utilizing solutions and equipment. We concentrate on thorough cleaning and disinfection throughout the space, with particular emphasis on high-contact points (such as switch plates, doorknobs, appliance keypads, etc.). The kitchen and bathroom areas will undergo comprehensive sanitization and disinfection as well.

After our initial comprehensive cleaning, we employ a disinfectant fogger to furnish an additional layer of safeguarding. The fogger is adept at accessing areas that are challenging to clean manually and offers an added degree of protection for your piece of mind.

The foggers utilized by A2B PureClean deploy a disinfectant, proficient in eradicating viruses and bacteria upon contact. They do not leave behind any chemical residue or odors and are safe for electronics, children and pets. We furnish a comprehensive inventory outlining all the cleaning tasks encompassed by this service. From dusting windowsills to sanitizing bathroom surfaces, our cleaning specialists are trained to provide meticulous attention to details. We operate within your budget and center our efforts on your individual cleaning objectives.

Naturally, we only deploy reputable cleaning specialists who have undergone background and reference checks, ensuring your comfort and confidence in granting us access to your residence or office.
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Service Knowledge

Professional Disinfecting Services for a Cleaner and Safer Environment

They follow specific protocols and adhere to industry standards to ensure the effective elimination of pathogens.

Cleaning entails the removal of debris and accumulations from surfaces, whereas sanitizing encompasses the neutralization of viruses and bacteria after the cleaning of a surface. When comparing cleaning versus sanitizing, it is important to recognize that cleaning is the initial step for any surface, followed by sanitization dependent on the specific area. Surfaces frequently in contact with food or with high touch frequency should be sanitized, while areas such as corridor floors and windows may not necessitate regular sanitization as they are categorized as low-risk surfaces.

This can vary depending on the size of the job. When scheduling an appointment, we will work with you to determine your custom time.

Lab studies have found that the virus may last on different materials for varying amounts of time. but we can use them as a guideline.

Metal: Examples: doorknobs, jewelry, silverware 5-9 days
Wood: Examples: furniture, decking 4 days
Stainless steel: Examples: refrigerators, pots and pans, sinks, some water bottles 2 to 3 days
Glass: Examples: drinking glasses, measuring cups, mirrors, windows Up to 5 days
Ceramics: Examples: dishes, pottery, mugs 5 days

The benefits of fogging your home may surprise you because fogging does more than just disinfect the surfaces in your home. Fogging Kills Germs, Viruses, and Bacteria, Mold, Allergens, Fungi and Deodorizes. It allows for even distribution of sanitizing/disinfecting solution across a larger surface. As part of our ongoing commitment to Green-Cleaning, A2B PureClean utilizes a powerful multi-purpose Hypochlorous (HOCl) concentrate. Safe for use around pets and children, leaving a residue-free, no-rinse clean.
Ideal for use in professional settings as well as family environments.

Overall, fogging your home can provide you with the peace of mind that your family is safe from potentially harmful contaminants.

Depending on how heavy you spray the disinfectant solution, it should dry within 5-10 minutes. Allow to air dry or wipe clean, no rinsing needed.

A2B PureClean utilizes a no-rinse solution that can be sprayed in the air and on a variety of surfaces for a “residue-free” clean and disinfecting.

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